How Can I Avoid Paying For Seat Selection

As far as traveling is concerned, passengers wish to get such an airline that not only saves time but also saves money. And this is possible when they find such an airline that offers tickets at a reasonable price. At the same time, finding the seat that suits your travel is also one thing to get the chance to save money. 

How To Choose Seat Without Any Extra Pay

So, if you are such a passenger who is trying to save money when booking the tickets then one such trick to do so is to choose such a seat that does not ask for the payment. And after you have selected the travel companion then you can choose the seats well in advance. Now, if you want to save your money and want to avoid paying for seat selection then you can refer to the information below to teach you how. 

Tips To Avoid Paying For Seat Selection

  1. The very first hack is that you can sit anywhere for free in the plane. Most airlines charge extra if you ask for some specific seats. So, to avoid this extra payment for the seat you can ask the airlines to find a seat for you for free. And you can simply tell them the preference and budget so that according to your pocket you get the seat of the airlines’ choice. 
  2. The biggest way to get the seat hack is to choose the seat in the ultra-low-cost airlines like Jetblue, Frontier, Spirit, etc. The fares in this section do not include extra charges for seat selection as these airlines have a single class that is Economy. So, keeping yourself updated with the latest pop-up and automatic add-ons is the best way to avoid extra charges as being the low-cost airline these airlines include unnecessary extra charges. 
  3. Also, another way to get the desired seat is by choosing the seat at the time of check-in that is 24-48 hours prior to the departure. Choosing to check in just before departure is the best way to avoid seat selection charges. 
  4. You also have the option to choose the seat in the form of advance seat selection. And when you do that you only need to pay the fare charges and no extra charges. 
  5. Enter the promo codes, discount offers, or other options to make the travel easy and comfortable at the same time affordable. 
  6. Choosing the main cabin seats is also considered to be one of the best ways to get the seat without any extra payments. And this is how you can avoid the extra fee for seat selection when traveling with your travel companion. 

After you have got the above details and tips on how to avoid an extra fee when selecting the seat. Also, if you need any further help then you are free to contact the customer service of the airlines that is made available on the various platforms.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Choose Seats

Travelers, every day, complain about extra costs that they might have to pay during the seat selection process. If you fly frequently, you know the hardship of getting a spacious seat to cover the destination comfortably. The despair of a child kicking behind your seat and fellow travelers occupying all the armrest area is an unforgettable experience. 

If you also want to cover your journey in amenities and avoid any pitfalls, you can keep some tips in your mind and ready at hand. Seek help from this article, and you will get excellent tips to avoid paying for seat selection in advance.

Pay for special requests

  • If you want to request a special seat to sit in throughout your journey, pay a little extra to get that particular seat.
  • Some airlines charge a considerable amount if you want to reserve any particular seat, but the good news here is the airfares are comparatively low.
  • If you do not want to pay for extra seats, sit anywhere in your cabin or take the seat suggested by your airline.

Skip the seat selection section

  • Many airlines keep up with the competition by keeping the ticket fare low and seat selection fees higher.
  • But if you want to avoid any extravagant fees for a seat, avoid the seat selection section you might get while booking a ticket.
  • You need to act smart when the airline is playing smarter, skip the seat selection process even if the airline shows how mandatory the process is.

Beware of the low-cost airlines

  • There are several unwanted add-ons which include even the seat assignments. 
  • Most airlines have made the seat selection section unavailable, making it mandatory for travelers to book the leading cabin economy if they wish to choose an advance seat.

How To Avoid Paying Airline Seat Fees At Different Airlines

Follow the mentioned steps to avoid seat assignments fees for the respective airlines:

Allegiant Air:

A seat selection page will appear on your screen when you follow the booking steps at Allegiant Air. Select the "Continue" button shown at the bottom without selecting any seat. A pop-up will appear on your screen, warning you that you have not chosen any seat yet. Ignore the pop-up and click on the "Yes, Continue" button to avoid seat assignment fees.

American Airlines:

If you are booking a Basic Economy ticket, you can choose your preferred seat by paying a fee, and the prices are displayed on the seat map itself.

To avoid any fee, you need to tap on the "Skip seats for all flights" text appearing on your screen. After you comply with this step, the airline will assign you a seat for free during your check-in.

Delta Airlines:

Anytime you book a basic fare ticket with Delta Airlines, a pop-up will appear on your screen confirming whether you want to shift to a Main Cabin Economy ticket to select a preferred seat. Click on the text written Continue with Basic Economy to avoid any seat assignment charges. Delta will give you a free seat after you check-in for your flight.

If you want to avoid paying for seat selection, then do not fret about it. All the airlines provide an option to skip the seat selection process, but the passenger must have a keen eye to notice it.

Connecting with Respective Customer Service of Travel Companion

After you have come to know about the tips and airlines seat selection process if you still need any further help then you can contact the customer expert of your travel companion. 

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