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FlyDubai is one of those airlines which allow passengers to cancel their flight ticket in a position of urgency. However, the cancellation of a flight ticket is completely dependable on the fare class somebody has booked.

Get Details About FlyDubai Flight Cancellation Policy

A person is recommended to understand the cancellation policy of an individual airline before actually canceling their booked flight ticket with them. Similarly, if you are also curious about knowing the rules determined beneath the cancellation policy of FlyDubai, this page is best for you. Further, the full information on the FlyDubai cancellation policy and its process that you must follow for successfully canceling a pre-booked flight is as discussed below.

What FlyDubai Cancellation Policy?

  • If you are planning to cancel a pre-booked flight with FlyDubai, but at first you want to understand the conditions for it, then refer to the information given here. Hence, the rules defined as per the FlyDubai cancellation policy are enlisted below:
  • According to the cancellation policy of FlyDubai, you have the permission to cancel a booked flight either fully or partially within 24 hours, without paying any extra charge.
  • You are also allowed to cancel your flight with FlyDubai both fully or partially, after 24 hour, but in such case you have to pay them a fixed amount of cancellation fee.
  • Moreover, FlyDubai allows cancelling a flight up to or within 24 hours from its scheduled departure time.
  • However, the amount of the cancellation fee charged by FlyDubai depends totally on the type of fare a person has booked and later cancelling it.

Process To Cancel Flight In FlyDubai?

You are simply allowed to cancel a flight by going through an online procedure on FlyDubai official website. Hence the step by step procedure to cancel a flight with FluDubai is as listed below:

  • Open the official webpage of FlyDubai on a browser
  • Then go to the Manage booking tab and click on it
  • Next, enter the passenger’s last name in given space
  • Then enter the Booking reference on next blank box
  • Now press view booking after ticking confirmation box
  • Hereafter select flight you want to cancel from the list
  • Click cancel button given next to that individual flight
  • Hence, FlyDubai will send you a cancelled ticket confirmation mail

FlyDubai Customer Service

Full details about the FlyDubai cancellation policy and the steps to applying for it are suitable, as explained here. Besides, if you want to get a few more details on the reservation service, dial the FlyDubai customer care number for proper assistance. The FlyDubai customer service team provides assurance to help the concerned people regarding any reservation related query in the most efficient manner.

 FlyDubai Customer Service              (+971) 600 54 44 45

 FlyDubai Customer Service UAE         (+971) 600 54 44 45

 FlyDubai Customer Service Pakistan    (+92) 21 111 225 539 

 FlyDubai Customer Service Russia        8 800 555 2833
(toll free within Russia)

Frequently Asked Questions

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