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Want To Get Refunds From Etihad? Here’s What You Should Know

Have you been struggling with your refunds on Etihad? Well, getting a refund can be confusing when you have no idea about the airline’s refund policy. However, the airline does offer considerable relaxation on its flight cancellations and refunds. But that too comes with the airline’s refund guidelines and other factors.

Therefore, if you have also made your reservations on Etihad, and wish to know about the Etihad Refund Policy, online refund process, and other relevant info, then read this post further.  

Important Point Etihad Refund Policy

  • As per the Etihad Refund Policy, the airline offers a full refund for the cancellations made within 24 hours of the ticket purchase. Applicable to all the fare types, and one won’t have to pay the refund fee for the same as well.
  • In case, if any of the passengers have made their Etihad reservations within 7 days or less before the departure date, and wants to cancel their bookings, within 24 hours before the scheduled departure, then a cancellation fee will be charged to get refunds. 
  • One can get a refund from Etihad if their flight ticket is eligible for a refund. Besides, the airline provides the refund through the same mode of transaction that was used for purchasing flight tickets. However, if passenger has purchased a non-refundable fare, then the airline will offer the refunds within the form of travel credits after the booking is cancelled. 
  • In the event, if your flight are canceled from the airline’s end, then the airline will either offer you a full refund or rebook another flight. However, a refund will be provided if you opt for it.

Moreover, have a look at the steps mentioned here to make your online refund request on Etihad.

Online Steps To Make Refund Request On Etihad

You can make your refund request on the airline as per the Etihad Refund Policy.

  • Visit the official homepage of Etihad in your web browser, then scroll to the manage Booking tab.
  • Now, enter the booking details such as the passenger’s last name and booking reference number and then hit the Manage Booking option.
  • After fetching the booking details, follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your bookings, and then make your refund request (if eligible).

Moreover, if you need any further assistance on the Etihad Refund Policy, online refund request process, then kindly reach out to the airline’s customer services and get required assistance.

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