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Whenever it comes to canceling a flight ticket, we always get worried about the airline's cancellation policy. Many of us don't know where to find and read the cancellation policy. But if you have booked your flight ticket with Etihad Airways, you can save yourself from worry.

In this article, you will get to learn about the Etihad cancellation policy in detail. Moreover, you can use the policy to save your money at the time of cancellation. Let's check the policies one by one without wasting any time.

About Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

Below are some of the important cancellation policies of Etihad Airways that can help you save some pennies. Let's check them out.

Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy 24hr

  • If you have canceled your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking the ticket, you don't have to pay any cancellation charge.
  • There must be a seven-day gap between the scheduled departure and booking date to get the free cancellation.
  • If you have crossed the 24-hour grace period, you must pay 10% of the ticket value as the cancellation charge.

Etihad cancellation fee: The cancellation fee depends on the airline's type of ticket you have booked. If you have booked the flight using miles, you will have to pay a cancelation fee after the grace period.

Group bookings: The 24 hour grace period is not applicable if you have made the group bookings. You have to pay the cancellation charge whenever you cancel the Etihad ticket.

Unused ticket cancellation: If you cancel an unused flight ticket, you can request for refund or travel voucher with one-year validity.

Cancellation from Etihad

  • If Etihad Airways cancels a flight, you will get the full refund in the original payment method.
  • You can also request the airline to provide you with a travel voucher.
  • If your travel is important, you can request a new fight at the same ticket price.

These are some important cancellation policies of Etihad Airways. If you don't know how to cancel your flight ticket, you can check the next segment.

What Happens If My Etihad Flight Is Cancelled

Though you rarely face a cancellation on Etihad Airways, the airline has got you covered for such situations. When things go south, the airline lets you access different facilities. Moreover, there are instances when your flight gets canceled because of Etihad Airways mishaps; the airline may offer you a refund. However, when natural calamities or some unavoidable circumstances appear, you might not get a refund.

For better understanding, you must know the Etihad Airways cancellation policy. It will help you to see whether you'll get a refund or not. Additionally, to make it easy for you, here are a few points that you should consider.

Things You Should Know If Your Flight Gets Canceled on Etihad Airways

  • Whenever your flight cancels, the airline informs you fourteen days before the departure about it. But if the airline fails to tell you, you might get compensation from the airline under some conditions.
  • If the airline cancels your flight, it offers a seat on another flight to your destination on the very next flight. If it is the last flight, you get the first flight on the next day.
  • If there is no flight on the day of the scheduled departure or another day nearby, the airline may offer you a rebooking option without any additional charges. Usually, you get one year time to rebook your flight tickets.
  • Moreover, suppose the flight cancellation happens due to some natural disaster or pandemic. In that case, the airline might not provide you with a refund but lets you rebook your tickets without any additional charges.

Once you consider the Etihad Airways cancellation policy points, you no longer wonder about the refund. Above all, if you still have more queries and want to ask from an expert, you may connect with a representative on a phone call. The experts are available to assist you round the clock. So, make a call and get instant support.

How To Cancel The Etihad Flight Ticket

  • Using Etihad online website: You need to open the airline's official website and hit the Manage Booking section. You have to enter the flight details and then click on the cancel button. Follow on-screen instructions and pay the cancellation charge to cancel the flight ticket.
  • Using customer service: You can call Etihad customer support to cancel your flight ticket. You have to provide some information, and the cancellation will be made.

What Is The Refund Policy Of Etihad Airways?

Headquartered in Khalifa City, Etihad Airways is popular as the second flag carrier of Etihad Airways. The airline strives to make the journey feasible by leveraging several booking and cancellation policies for travelers. The airline even understands the inconsistency that you might face anytime, which is why it has introduced the flexible Etihad Airways refund policy that makes it an exceptional travel companion. Do not worry if you face any trouble claiming or receiving a refund, as the customer service team is always accessible to help you out.

Steps To Get Refund From Etihad Airways

Etihad’s main intent is to satisfy the requirements of the maximum number of guests traveling on the airline. Below discussed is a list of crucial terms and conditions related to the refund put forth by the airline

  • If you shop for the ticket at least a week in advance of the flight's departure, you can receive a full refund when you cancel your flight within a day of booking.
  • If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket with Etihad Airways, you would have to pay charges ranging between $e200-500. 
  • The applicable charges are deducted from the refund amount depending on the type of fare you have chosen, the cities selected, and which flight you have chosen to cover the distance.
  • Etihad Airways refunds the rest after recalculating the fare as an e-credit that you would be able to use in future travels with Etihad Airways. 
  • But if you booked a refundable flight, you can cancel them to retrieve a full refund without spending any extra penny on the reservation cancellation.
  • As per the Etihad Airways refund policy, the airline does not allow you to cancel or claim a refund if you wish to cancel an Economy ticket after the standard 24-hour period.
  • Also, if you have purchased a flex ticket from the airline, you can cancel and proceed with the refund request.
  • The airline credits the refund amount in the original payment amount you used while booking the flight reservation.
  • Etihad Airways provides a refund to the ticket purchased using the Etihad Airways website, physical counter, or customer service team.
  • Also, a traveler might have to pay the penalty if they cancel a reservation bought within seven days of the flight's scheduled departure. 

Keep these points ready beforehand if you wish to get a refund from Etihad Airways; however, if you face any trouble understanding these protocols, you can contact the airline’s customer service team.

How Can I Contact Etihad Airways For A Refund

Etihad Airways has a pool of experienced and highly experienced team members who have impressive ideas to assist you in getting out of a difficult situation. The airline allows you to contact them and get a refund in real-time. If you are also looking for assistance in getting a refund, you can contact the airline via-

  1. Call
  2. Live Chat
  3. Social Media

Choose any method to get through the Etihad Airways customer service to get satisfying advice on your refund-related queries. Book a ticket with Etihad Airways as the airline has introduced several policies and imposed some regulations to benefit your travel efficiently.

Etihad Airways Customer Service

You can also get detailed information about the Etihad cancellation policy from the live representative if you have any doubt. Moreover, you can check the official website of Etihad to know the terms and conditions for flight cancellation at Etihad Airways.

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