Does Qatar Airways Have 24 Hour Cancellation

Yes, Qatar Airways has a twenty-four hours cancellation policy. It is quite necessary to pay attention to the needs and situations of the passengers; that is why Qatar Airways has introduced the twenty-fours hours' cancellation policy. Qatar Airways provides flexibility and benefits for the passengers while managing their booking through their website.

About Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Therefore, this page explains to you the Qatar Airways 24 hour cancellation policy. Just follow the below-mentioned points to get an understanding of the same-

  • If you have booked your Qatar Airways flight and cancelled it within twenty-four hours of the booking and the departure date is beyond seven days, then you would not be attracting cancellation charges.

  • If you have cancelled your reservation after twenty-four hours of the booking and the flight is within seven days then cancellation charges do apply.

  • If you are cancelling your flight booking that was bought within seven days of the flight's departure, then cancellation charges apply.

Qatar Refund Policy

Qatar Airways provides a full refund in cases where the flight cancellation has taken place well before the twenty-four hours timeline, ie; on the same day itself. To claim your refund, you need to fill out a refund request form available on the Qatar Airways website.

The refund would be made in the same payment method as you had done to book your flight. The refund usually takes seven to ten business days to reflect in your bank account if done from a credit card. If through other payment options, it takes fifteen working days minimum.

If the flight is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, then in such cases, Qatar Airways would be liable to either-

  • arrange for an alternate flight, or

  • Refund the entire amount to the passengers, or

  • Make arrangements for a night stay if the delay is too long, along with the transportation to and from the hotel.

This was about the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy. If you are still harbouring any doubts, feel free to contact an expert at Qatar Airways via its customer service.

Qatar Airways Customer Service

If you have any doubts regarding the cancellation policy of Qatar Airways, you can contact customer care. How you can do so is mentioned below. Kindly follow the steps-

Steps To Get Through Qatar Airways Customer Service

  • Go to the Qatar Airways website from your web browser on a device of your choice.

  • Locate the customer service tab and click on it.

  • Subsequently, you are redirected to the Contact us tab. Choose the Phone support option.

  • You then need to dial the Hotline number from your phone.

  • Once connected, pause for the automated voice to assist in giving out the various menu option.

  • You need to select that option that mentions the Refunds and Cancellations.

  • Then you are eventually connected to a customer service representative. 

  • Convey your issue to him/ her. Kindly be audible while talking over the phone. 

  • Then the representative processes the information which you provided. 

  • The representative then reverts with your resolution regarding the Qatar Airways 24 hour cancellation policy.

  • If you are satisfied with it, you can disconnect the call; if not escalate the issue to a senior representative. 

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