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Allegiant Air is an ultra-low-budget carrier and is relentlessly working to provide travelers with a safe environment during the pandemic. The airline promises to keep its staff members and guests safe until they reach their preferred destination.

If you are also looking for a booking in Allegiant Air and wondering about the Allegiant Air COVID testing requirements, the airline does not require a COVID report. Here, you can find important details and policies related to the COVID-19 at Allegiant Air.

About  Allegiant Air Covid Policy

There are some terms and conditions that every traveler must abide by before flying with Allegiant Air. The airline is taking some important steps and closely working with the CDC to help you lead a safe and comfortable journey until your destination. Take a look at the given policy put across by the airline to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Allegiant Air tries to follow the guidelines and policies released by expert authorities like CDC and WHO.
  • The airline has extended the guideline to ensure extra safety measures like maintaining cleaning programs inside-out the aircraft followed by deep-cleaning procedures.
  • The Allegiant Air COVID policy states that every traveler must wear a face mask and try not to remove it unless it is very important.
  • Allegiant Air has a dedicated team that maintains cleanliness by sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, from seat belts to tray tables to lavatories.
  • The airline has installed all the hospital-grade standards under which Allegiant Air is obligated to treat its aircraft antimicrobial protectants. The protectant kills viruses, germs, and bacteria, and its effect remains for up to 14 days.
  • You must cover the face with solid material, and the mask should cover the mouth and nose area.
  • The airline prohibits the use of neck gaiters or bandanas and all other coverings that have exhalation valves.
  • You can wear a face shield over the mask if you want, but it should not be used as an alternative.
  • Exemption: children under the age group of two are allowed to travel without a face covering.
  • You can remove the face covering for a brief period to eat or drink; if you are on any medication, you can remove the covering to intake the medicine. 
  • If Allegiant Air finds any traveler acting against the COVID policy, the airline is authorized to deny the boarding of that particular passenger and impose a penalty; so act accordingly.
  • The customers of Allegiant Air are not mandated to bring a negative test report if they want to fly with the airline.
  • Allegiant Air provides a safety kit and a health kit endowed with single-use masks and sanitizing wipes if you make a prior request for it.
  • Allegiant Air is not providing a connecting flight so that the passengers do not have to spend time at airports.

Allegiant Air Customer Service

The Allegiant Air COVID testing requirements are not mandatory, and travelers can get on board for your flight without showing any vaccination proofs or certificates. If you face any queries and need further assistance with COVID policies, you can contact the Allegiant Air customer service team to get professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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