Does Air France Have A WhatsAPP Number

Does Air France have WhatsApp?

This message pass permits you to send and get Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat messages for the entire duration of the span of the flight totally for nothing. So if you want to talk with them over WhatsApp and have a query, Does Air France have a WhatsApp number? Yes, Air France has a WhatsApp option using which you can communicate with its customer care team members. The WhatsApp number is- +1-800-237-2747/+1-804-403-8320. Save this contact and send greetings on this number. You will be able to chat with a live virtual person onwards to get your queries resolved.

This is accessible for all clients on any France flight, whether short-haul, medium-haul, or long haul anyway. The cost relies upon the picked bundle and excursion time.

"The new WhatsApp chat support service gives speedy and helpful answers for their questions straightforwardly through the informing application," Air France said in a proclamation. It adds, "air France has constantly given top-tier and amazing services to its passenger at each phase of their trip.  

Air France Customer Service

Air France has been gaining more popularity because of the service they are providing to its customers. You can easily find the best deals and offers for yourself. However, it is necessary to ensure that you have visited their website. There you’ll be able to find vocational packages and other types of discounts to save your hard-earned money. There can be a situation where you need to connect with them. In that case, you must know the correct route to communicate with them. 

How Do I Contact Air France Customer Service?

Air France is one of the great airlines in the flying business known for its constant services. It works in international areas and is known for keeping additional actions in customer service and fulfillment to its travelers to reach out to the Air France phone number. You can associate with opening seven days to seven days, day in and day. 

Have issues while booking your trip on Air France? Or then again, do you have some other kind of question connected with reservations? Then, at that point, you should contact the customer service of Air France, where a live individual will help you at whatever point you converse with them. On the off chance that you don't have any idea, How do I contact Air France customer service? You can go through the beneath straightforward choices:

Ways To Contact Air France

Using Phone: You can speak with a live person at Air France effectively after settling on a phone decision and following the beneath IVR menu:

  • Dial telephone number from a telephone.

  • Press 1 for the booking or reservations.

  • Press 2 for the registration or things inquiries.

  • Press 3 for flight change.

  • Press 7 to speak with a live agent. 

Using Online Chat: You can go through the online chat option given via Air France to its travelers and online chat with a live individual where you can likewise make a callback demand.

Here you can connect By Email: n/a, yet email inquiries and issues won't manage your uneasiness at any point shortly. This interaction might require some investment. 

How do I contact Air France directly?

The live chat method is the one that gets you connected directly with one of the representatives of Air France. They will guide you as per the requirement of your issue. Here are the steps to follow to get connected via the live chat method:

  • Firstly you need to browse the official site of Air France

  • Here you need to go to the contact option by scrolling down the homepage

  • Now choose the topic you want to be helped upon

  • Here you need to click the chat us option

  • Now write your query in the chatbox and send the message

  • You will get instant replies from the live virtual agent. 

How do I Speak to a Live Person?

To speak to the customer service representative, you can dial the official number of Air France at any given point in time. In this manner, you’ll be able to contact the representative without delay. 

  • Dial the number of Air France. 
  • You’ll listen to the IVR menu. 
  • Per the command you’ve given to the menu, your call will be moved to a live person. 
  • You only need to explain your issue to the executive, which will be resolved shortly.

The representative will ensure you get the resolution and never face the same issue again. 

How would you get a hold of Air France?

Regarding rolling out a few basic improvements in your flight booking, you can get hold of Air France in your excess energy. It is easy to make fundamental changes to your flight and go for the new reserving soon. 

Even though it is easy to get hold of the air,, a portion of the travelers can't do and ask that How can I get a hold of Air France? For a significant change, get straightforward tips here at this point.

  • From the outset, go to Air France's official website and the sign-in button.
  • Enter the booking details with the traveler's reservation number and last name and get your saved flight.
  • Select the contact choice like a phone number or live chat as soon as possible.

So if you have a few different questions connected with flight services, you can positively get hold of Air France. 

Does Air France have free messaging?

While flying anywhere, most of you have a query in mind: Does Air France have free messaging? ​​Yes, A free "Message" pass for all customers to send instant messages from their most loved applications; Two charges paying "Surf" and "stream" passes to get to the Internet on board all Air France flights. 

  • The free Message pass permits travelers to send and get Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WeChat messages for nothing on their cell phone or tablet all through the flight.

  • The Surf pass is intended for non-web-based web exercises like messages, crossword riddles, and getting the most recent travel tips from The Points Guy. 

  • There's the Stream pass for the people who need much more transfer speed. It's accessible on all long stretch flights.

How do I contact Air France for refund?

Air France understands that people's plans can be changed, so they can cancel the flight and ask for a refund.You can make a call to its customer service team by dialing 1 (800) 237-2747 on your phone. You can follow the IVR instructions to know about your refund. Otherwise, you can connect to one of the executives of the Airline who will help you with the refund. The IVR is

  • You can press 1 to make new bookings

  • You can press 2 to know about the flight status 

  • You can press 3 to know about the refunds

  • Or you can press # to get your connection with the Air France representative.

How would I contact Air France by Email?

If you are having issues with your booking and want to connect with the customer service team, you are looking for the details. How do I contact Air France by Email? The customer can easily connect them with the email services. You need to visit the airline website and check out the contact us option to get the email address. After finding the email address, composing an email, and sending it to them, the airline representative will revert after reviewing your query.   

Dropping a text or Email is how you can learn how you can contact customer service, Air France customer service 24x7 hours, so further details you can get them any time from anywhere. 

What are the Air France Customer Service hours?

Air France is open for you 24/7. You can connect with them at any given point in time. It would help if you made sure you used the official data. In this manner, your call will land with the person trained to handle your issue. Apart from calling, you can even connect with them through the live chat option or the email option. In this manner, you can select communication at your convenience. 

How do you get through to Air France?

You can see the alternative methods below to connect with them. This way, you’ll be able to find the right help without delay. 

Alternate ways to connect with Air France:

To connect with Air France there are different routes, all of them are given below. 

Chat with the executive:

  • On the website of Air France, select the option of contact us. 
  • Now choose the chat icon. 
  • Once you have set it, then a chatbox is going to appear. 
  • Tap the appropriate options. 
  • Once you have chosen the suitable options, your chat will be moved to the person trained for that chat. 

Use the social network platform.

You can send your message to the verified account of Air France. For that, the direct link to the verified statement is given on the official website of Air France. The experts from the Air France will get back to you. 

Does Air France have good customer service?

If you plan your trip by Air France, you will get satisfying customer service. Everything from food to entertainment will make the customers' journey more enjoyable and memorable. The services you get by Air France are as follows:


Personal headphones are available free of charge during your flight. You can enjoy watching films, radio and television programs.

Due to the health situation related to Covid-19, Air France Magazine and Air France Madame are not offered on board, but you can download them for free on the Air France Play application for tablets and smartphones.

Charging points

You can use your laptop in flight, but it must be turned off during take-off and landing. Some cabins are equipped with outlets to charge your laptop computer's battery.


  • For all destinations and travel classes, you will be provided - free of charge - meals or snacks depending on your flight's duration and beverages on board all Air France flights.
  • Hot and cold beverages plus alcoholic beverages are available throughout its flights in every class. The wines offered are created by Paolo Basso and named the world's best sommelier for the year 2013.
  • For security reasons, the liquids are restricted in the cabin. However, small quantities of liquids, gels, pastes, creams, and similar substances are permitted in the cabin (100 ml per container), and they must be stored in clear plastic, zip-top bags.

Other items permitted in the cabin are as follows:

  • baby food and formula needed for the flight,
  • specific nutritional products you need for travel, such as lactose and gluten allergies.

With the help of various mode, passengers can communicate with Air France Airline. 

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