Is it still possible to sail on American cruise lines?

You are all aware that last year was a rough time for everyone, and it had an especially negative effect on people travelling through different modes, including ships. Among all the other cruise lines that have stopped sailing, American Cruise Lines was also the one. However, cruises have been resuming operations one by one, with some guidelines in place to ensure the safety of passengers. Furthermore, if you want to know if American cruise lines are still sailing or not, you can get the answers from the information given below.

Know if American cruise lines is still sailing or not?

Is American cruise lines still sailing? If you have this question in mind for which you need detailed information, then welcome here. In that case, you have come to the right place to find out if American cruise lines are still sailing and, if not, when they intend to resume operations. You can acknowledge the details on whether American cruise lines still sailing by reading the points below.

·       American Cruise Lines is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all of its ships. They've been working with local, state, and government authorities to start sailing again.

·       As a result to this approach, American Cruise Lines is resuming service by implementing their Covid-19 Operating guidelines to ensure that passengers have a healthy and enjoyable cruise.

·       American cruise lines has planned to begin sailing in March 2021, but at a reduced capacity and in compliance with industry requirements. They are in constant touch with all guests and will continue to keep them updated as new information about the service to resume sailing becomes available.

·       Guests who make a successful reservation will have the option of getting 125 percent Cruise Vouchers or a full refund for their payment if the American Airlines cruise line is unable to sail.

Know the cancellation policy of American Cruise lines?

If you are willing to know the details on American Cruise Lines Cancellations then you must know the policy they follow for the same. You can get details on the American cruise lines cancellation policy by gathering the details below.

·       American cruise lines allow guests to cancel a reservation within 24 hours of reservation if they change their mind, as they can receive a full refund for the amount paid during the initial purchase.

·       After 24 hours, American Cruise lines apply a fixed amount of charge for cancellation of a reservation with them.

·       You can get full refund from American Cruise lines for applying a cancellation within 24 hours of initial purchase or 91 days prior to scheduled departure.

·       You will get 50% refund from American Cruise lines for applying a cancellation between 90-46 days prior to departure.

·       You will not receive any refund from American Cruise lines for cancelling after 45 or less days from departure based on the standard terms of cancellation.

Furthermore, you can contact American Cruise Lines customer service center for any further information on when they expect to start sailing and under what conditions. You can get in touch with American Cruise lines by dialing their customer care phone number.

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