Cruises are the best place where one can enjoy alone as well as with family. They provide different types of facilities to their customer and members. They have a balcony-landed floated part which enhances the overall experience.

However, for numerous reasons, one needs to cancel the booking. But, most of the new members find it hard to comprehend the cancellation process and the cost to cancel it. If you are canceling the booking and looking for how much does it cost to cancel a cruise? You can read this write-up.

Cost To Cancel Cruise Tickets

The cost of the cancellation depends on the type of cruise and in which cruise you have booked. We have mentioned some top ones below.

1.   AMA Waterways

Here, cancellation depends on the date of cancellation.

  • If you cancel the booking, 121 days before the departure, then you have to pay $200 
  • If the cancellation is done between 120 to 90 day, then $400 will be deducted from the security 
  • For 29 to 7 days before the departure, then 80% amount will be deducted from the ticket’s fare. After this, the refund money will be cut in percentage and it becomes high when you make the last minute cancellation 
  • Once the cruise starts, after that you are no more eligible to cancel it. If the plan is canceled from the side of the cruise, then you can apply for the refunds 

It is clear that the cost of cancellation is going high when the date comes closer to the departure.

2.   American Cruise Lines

It is another eminent cruise and provides the most prominent cancellation policies.

  • You can cancel the ticket through the written post 
  • According to the policy, if someone cancels the ticket, then the refunded amount will be equivalent to refund money minus $250 per passengers 
  • If you cancel the tickets 91 days before, then you can get the full refund without paying any single penny 
  • In case of 45 days prior to the departure, then you will no more eligible for the refunds

Now, you must know about the Cruise cancellation fees, so make sure if you are canceling the ticket, then it should be done 91 days prior to the departure.

3.   Alaskan Dream Cruises

  • With Alaskan dream cruises, you can cancel the confirmed reservation only
  • For cancellation made 90 days priors, then the cost will be $250
  • If you cancel it 89 to 61 days before the departure, then it will increase to $500
  • 60-31days cancellation, you might have to bear around 50% of the overall booking 
  • In less than that, the cancellation fee is equal to the ticket’s fare 

If you have unreserved seat or you have upgraded the seat, then you might have to bear the additional charge. Though, if you are a member of Cruise and purchase some program, then you can avoid such a cancellation fee.

These are the Cruise cancellation policy and you can how it differs from one to another. You can follow the one which you have booked with. If you have any query regarding the cancellation, then these cruises have strong customer support team. You can interact with them and get the best solutions.

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