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What’s new in China Eastern Airlines Business Class?

If you are looking for a pleasant travel full of features, you can choose to fly with China Eastern Airlines Business Class and opt for a world class experience of flying with best comfort and facilities in the sky, on the top off that they have one of the best customer services among the list of the top airlines in the world. Passenger of China eastern airlines enjoys various top class amenities and services provided by China eastern airlines to make the customers feel special.

The airline is safe enough so you do not need to worry about your safety during the journey. China Eastern is world’s second largest carrier in terms of number of travelers. China Eastern Air Holding Company is the parent company of China Eastern Airlines.

It  gives you the option to choose from  China Eastern Airlines Business Class or China Eastern Upgrade to First Class , Premium economy and Economy class, it also has a special rates for the infants (A passenger under 2 years who do not require occupancy) in addition with an accompanying adult. A lightweight foldable stroller will be provided for the infant with no additional cost. If you are travelling in first class you will get the option to convert you seat into flat lying bed in the China eastern airlines also the airlines has the world’s second commercial airplane featured with double bed. Some of the planes consist of fully enclosed first class seats.

China Eastern Airlines Upgrade to  First Class & China Eastern Airlines Business Class

Recently the passengers travelling in Business class and First class with China eastern discovered a wonderful new design of the planes. The business class seat(s) has a reverse herringbone pattern which is very comfortable and creates an office like environment which is helpful for conducting uninterrupted business while travelling overseas. It has a very handy storage section for small electronics, eyeglass etc. Also, the onboard Wi-Fi is one of its many fantastic features that will make your travel more luxurious.

So many travellers have been amazed when they found the upgrade in the overhaul of the long distance flights in business class and first class.

Following facilities will be provided to the passengers travelling in business class:

  • Flat-lying seats
  • Atmosphere forgetting the business work is done
  • Pampered service
  • Overall comfort
  • Tasty food served during the flight.
  • They don’t serve alcohol but you can definitely ask for Beer containing maximum 3.5% of alcohol

China Eastern Seat Upgrade Cost

If you have purchased an economy class flight ticket now you have changed your mind and you want to travel in the business class or first class, you can upgrade the ticket .China Eastern Airlines Business Class Cost will be there that you can pay at the time of upgrading the seat. This service lets the flyer choose the seats with a great flexibility.

While travelling with China Eastern be assured that you are going to experience an unsurpassed customer service, very comfortable travel and you will be provided various luxurious facilities during the whole journey.

China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection

If you are travelling with a first class flight ticket and want to do  China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection at a very affordable price, you can go with this .Here you will be provided the oversized seats that can be converted into fully flatbed which reclines in different positions whenever required to maximize the personal comfort. These seats are further enhanced the perfectly fluffed pillows. It also has a media panel with a variety of options for entertainment that includes language courses, video games, video songs, movies etc. The middle seats can be converted into a double bed in Boing 777 planes, this is the unique feature of China Eastern.

Baggage allowance in first class

You are allowed to carry one bag with maximum weight limit of 40 KGs in domestic flights however in international flight you are allowed to carry two bags of same weight in addition with a hand bag of up to 10 KGs.


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