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Hangzhou is the most popular city of Zhejiang Region in the area of East China. The city is spread over the local political, economic  social, and development center. Undoubtedly, the West Lake is the most famous landmark, recorded for the scenic beauty which mixture of naturally with many famous historical and cultural sites. However, Cheap Flights to Hangzhou would be helpful for travelers to enhance their experience by visiting this beautiful city. The visitors just need to connect to with traveling service agents to get immediate flight services.

About Hangzhou Climate

At the point of Hangzhou's climate, its humid subtropical along with the seasons. In the month of January and February, its climate is coolest. Where the month of March, and April,  the climate is rainy season or rainfall. Where the months May, June, and July its climate is warm. In the month of and August, its too much rainfall or rainy season. September and October is the wettest month.This month should be avoided.  December is the driest month. Well, the mean average annual temperature is 16.5 °C (61.7 °F).

How Can Visitors Get Easily Flights By Airports?

Hangzhou near by Airport is Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport that provides many direct flights to international destinations such as Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Netherlands, Qatar, and the United States. This Airport has two terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B.The smaller Terminal A serves all international and regional flights while the larger Terminal B solely handles domestic traffic.

Travel Destination

Hangzhou city has a number of attractions, and places, which travelers don't miss when they got the chance to visit this place by taking the Cheap Flights to Hangzhou. The best places to photograph sunset views are Broken Bridge, Su Causeway, and Yanggong Causeway.The nearby water towns of Wuzhen, Xitang, and Nanxun capture the old rural way in truly atmospheric resorts.

Some of the tourist places are as:-

  • West Lake
  • Ancient Village Wuzhen
  • Impression West Lake
  • Nanxun Water Town
  • Lingyin Temple
  • Mountain Putuo
  • Xitang Town
  • Meijiawu Tea Plantation
  • Six Harmonies Pagoda
  • Thousand Islets Lake
  • Zhexi Grand Canyon
  • Yuefei Temple

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