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Need to make any sudden changes in a trip booked with Cathay Pacific, then go for it? Cathay Pacific represents a sound policy in favor of the passengers based on which they can modify their itinerary, however many of them don't have a clue about it.

How To Change Flight In Cathay Pacific

But Cathay Pacific indeed allows the passenger to make a few eligible changes in a flight they have already booked prior to its departure. More well-defined explanation related to the flight change policy of Cathay Pacific and its procedure is as given below.

What is the flight change policy of Cathay Pacific

The flight change policy of Cathay Pacific explains all the terms and conditions and a passenger need to keep in mind when they want to modify a booking with them. Therefore, a complete description about the flight Cathay Pacific flight change policy is given below:

  • According to the flight change policy of Cathay Pacific both the domestic and international passengers are permitted to modify their booking
  • Cathay Pacific change policy allows the passengers to change a flight up to 1 hour before its scheduled departure timing
  • As per the flight change policy and passenger can modify the flight time and date. Besides, they can also change the class they have booked on the flight
  • Name change service is also available but only in case of very minor spelling errors

Procedure To Change Cathay Pacific Bookings

Cathay Pacific change booking service is available on the website where you need to follow a simple procedure under manage booking tab. Hence, the accurate steps for changing a flight with Cathay Pacific are as below:

  • Open the Cathay Pacific website on a browser and look for Manage booking tab
  • Then on the Manage booking tab choose My Trips button and enter your booking ID
  • After that, submit the first and last name of the primary passenger from ticket
  • Then find all bookings and select the one you needed to change
  • Next, tap on the change button that is given along with your selected flight
  •  Then apply the changes you need and pay the applicable fee before saving your flight

Cathay Pacific Customer Service

This way you can apply changes in a flight that you have booked with Cathay Pacific. Besides, you can also collect other important reservation service details by contacting Cathay Pacific customer care center.

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