Cathay Pacific Airline Pet Policy

How to travel on Cathay Pacific with your pet?

Do you love the animal? And can’t keep your pet away from your eyes for a second? Then it can be more complex whenever you visit outside from your hometown for any specific reasons via air because most of the airline's carrier doesn’t allow to carry pet during the travel. But it is not same with Cathay Pacific airlines that proffer an option to carry your pet along with you. With the help of Cathay Pacific Airlines Pet Policy, you can very easily travel with your pet wherever you go. But make sure that you are fulfilling the rules and restrictions prescribed by the Cathay Pacific airlines for the passengers.

  • Cathay Pacific does not accept the animals for travel in the cabin of an aircraft. But they accept the dogs, cats and lightweight birds for traveling in a cargo hold.
  • Lot of countries asks for health documents. So make sure that you have carried the health document of your pet.

What are the container requirements?

  • Dimensions of the container will be 158 cm and the weight should not exceed than 23 kg or 50 lbs
  • Size of the container depends on the pet’s size but make sure that it should not be more than 62 inches.
  • It will be clean and leak-proof.
  • It will be made of wood, metal or plastic.
  • Providing the required space for your pet for moving left and right.

What are the Cathay Pacific pet charges?

Cathay Pacific has divided their fees into 6 zones for international travel. So it depends on your routes from you are traveling and what is your time zone for both side traveling. After choosing your zone, you can see the exact fees of pet carrying come under the pet policy prescribed by the Cathay Pacific airlines.

If you have any kind of query regarding the Cathay Pacific pet policy, then you can contact with the customer service team of Cathay Pacific airlines and avail the better assistance.

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