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Air China is an airline that basically belongs to the People’s republic of China, but it has arms all over the world. Their services are enjoyed by all the passengers who purchase the tickets. You can even make changes to your dates after confirmation. 

Can I Change a Air China flight I already booked?

Yes, you can change your flight timings and dates if you feel that you need help to fly on the mentioned or booked date. The answer to: Can I change a Air China flight I already booked? Requires some steps that need to be followed. Also, there are some particular ways that can help you to reschedule your confirmed booking. Air China also manages the services of customer support consciously, as every passenger is very important to them. You may also look after these support services ahead.

What is Air China Flight Change Policy 

All the services that are offered by the airline run on the basis of some must obey regulations; similarly, there is also the Air china flight change policy that is necessary to look after and applied to every customer who reaches the airline to change dates in the ticket. Check the policies:-

  • If the date of your rescheduling and ticket purchased is the same or you change flight within 24 hours, then no service charges are paid by you. 
  • If you are rescheduling the ticket after 24 hours, then some amount will be charged that you should pay.
  • If you have made changes in your bookings because of the airline’s issue, then you will be able to change the ticket dates without paying any amount. 
  • If you are a passenger of Business or First Class, then you can reschedule your booking anytime without paying any service charges. Also, a policy of 24 hours is not applied to these ticket holders.

How can I change my Air China flight date online?

If you have a question, How can I change my Air China flight date online? Then do not worry; after getting through this procedure, you can make a change in the ticket online:-

  • Reach the website of an airline.
  • Open a menu from the “Bookings” tab of the top options bar.
  • Now, click on the “Manage my information” option. Here, if you have not logged in with the airline’s account, then do the login first.
  • Then, fill in your “ticket number” and “last name” from your booking.
  • Your booked ticket will open, and all the editing options will appear. You may click on the “change flight” icon.
  • Now, select new dates for your trip with Air China and pay the charges to submit the ticket again.
  • You will be notified when your modification in the ticket will be accepted by the airline.

Can we Reschedule the Air China flight for free?

Yes, it depends upon the situation and the timings of your ticket rescheduling from Air China. To get the appropriate answer to Can we reschedule the Air China flight for free?, you have to get through the policies of the airline and know the parameters in which free reschedulings are entertained in Air China. 

But apart from that, there is also one more necessary thing you should look into, that is the Air china change flight fee; if you reschedule your flights, then you may be charged the amount of 10 USD. This is just for reference, but the charges may vary per your ticket type and destination.

Flight change can be done due to any reason, but If you have any further doubts or confusion, then you can obtain the support services of Air China that are available for you in various modes of communication 

Frequently Asked Questions

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