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Yes, Regional Express (Rex) Airlines provides you the authority to add extra Baggage to your flight. You have given some extra money for that, but you can add proper weight. 

What is the Rex Airline Baggage Policy? 

Rex airline always takes care of their customers' comfort, and that's why they come up with the best baggage policy. 

Rex Airline carry-on Baggage Policy

Those passengers who are traveling with a paid seat are allowed to fetch the carry-on Baggage. In terms of carry-on Baggage, you can carry one of those listed items, briefcases, ladies' vanity cases, overnight bags, large-size cameras, personal computers, etc. Those items which exceed the previous allowance do not qualify for the aircraft cabin.

The permitted size and allowance for carrying on Baggage 

  • Economy Class Passengers are allowed to carry 1 23cm x 34cm x length 48 cm or 9in x 13in x 19in dimensions.
  • In case your carry-on Baggage exceeds the dimensions, it will be counted as a checked bag, so measure the size of your bag before leaving home. 

Rex Airline Checked Baggage 

According to the Rex Airlines Baggage Policy, you can carry two checks in your luggage, but the size and weight of those bags should not be exceeded the authorized dimensions. 

Allowance of Checked Baggage 

  • If you are traveling in economy class are allowed to carry bags of 15kg or 140cm. It should not exceed that. Otherwise, you have to pay the extra baggage charges. 
  • If you are carrying an infant with you, the proms/strollers will be entitled to a free checked baggage allowance, but its weight can not exceed the allowed weight. 
  • Domestic animals are allowed only with the assistant, and their container should be cleaned and secured. Also, it should meet the limitations of Domestic animal container requirements. Only then can you carry your pet with you. 
  • If you're carrying your manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, or crutches, it can not be included in the checked Baggage. It is considered extra luggage. 

it is preferable that you measure your bag at home then it will be easy for you at the time of check-in.

What is the extra baggage policy and cost of Rex Airline? 

Following are the Rex extra baggage costs. You can read the following in order to pay the extra charges.

  • If you are flying a domestic flight is 5.50$, including GST. If the Baggage still goes up from 15 kgs, the charges will be 16.50$ per piece. 
  • On an international flight, the baggage allowance is 20 kg. If the weight of your outstrips this, then you have to pay 5.50$ as an extra baggage charge. 
  • If Baggage exceeds 32 kg, it will be defined as air freight.

The maximum size and weight of air freight per piece of Baggage allowed

  • Size – 158 linear cm or 55 inches in terms of Depth, Height, and Length
  • And the weight should be 32kg 

What is the Rex Baggage Allowance for a Domestic flight? 

In a Rex baggage allowance domestic, you can carry your bags according to the following dimensions and sizes.

  • On domestic flights, you are allowed to carry two bags, a small and a big one. 
  • The total weight of bags should not exceed 7 kg. 
  • And the dimension for small bags is 48×34×23, and for big bags, it should be 56×36×54.
  • If your bags' dimensions and weight exceed this, you have to pay extra baggage charges.

What is the Rex Baggage Allowance for Infants? 

Rex baggage does not allow any baggage for people who did not buy a seat. If you are carrying an infant with you, you must buy a half ticket for them. 

The baggage allowance for an infant.

  • According to the Rex infant baggage allowance, you can carry a stroller/prom, which should be 10 kg. If the weight exceeds that, you have to pay extra charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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