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Want to purchase a flight ticket for someone else and pay using your own details? Buying a flight ticket for yourself is existing, but when you get an airline ticket as a gift to a friend or family member.  Although, you are paying for people to visit you or want to take the vacation of their dream destination somewhere else, and you will need some personal information about them to book the flight. 

How To Book A Flight For Someone Else

While booking the flight for someone else you might think How to book a flight for someone else? No need to panic, you just follow these simple steps. 

  • On the top of the page, enter the destination of the person that you are buying the flight for, travel dates, and click on search flight.
  • Then the page will display all available flights for the same destination, select the flight, and tap on confirming the selection. 
  • Then enter the passenger details and the contact information. The contact information will appear on the travel document. 
  • Once you have completed all the details select your payment method. 
  • Check the correct payment method and click secure payment.
  • Enter the travel details needed to make the payment click pay and your buying is complete. 

Purchase Ticket For Someone Else On Allegiant Air With Miles

Book the Flights: Most airlines allow you to Book flights on Behalf of others With miles online When booking for another person,  log into your account and start the same award booking process, change the details of the passenger from your name to that person. Before you check out, verify the passenger's name. Make sure the name birthdate and other personal information match the document. Some airlines will not allow you to book for someone else online.

Swap the Miles: Frequent fliers of different loyalty programs sometimes swap miles tickets online. If you want to fly with your ticket but not with your own airline try to book for someone else with your award and have them book your flight one with their award. 

Transfer the Miles: you can transfer your miles to someone else if they want your recipient to bear the burden of booking the flight. However, then simply buying the flight Ticket for the recipient yourself. Airlines in most cases charge a flat fee to transfer your miles to another account. Some allow you to give someone else miles as a gift, but they charge some cost for this, as well.

Watch Out for Fees: The airline agent at the ticket counter and the website's award ticket prompts you to show you the fee before you decide to book the mile. Generally, the closer in booking to the flight dates the higher those fees will be. Also, you have to read cancellation rules carefully. Under Delta SkyMiles cancellation policy for example you have to pay a $150 fee to redeposit your miles.

Allegiant Air Helpline

Book a flight for someone else on Allegiant Air with an award through Mileage Plan account for free. You can also transfer awards into the account of a family and friend but at a cost. If the passenger can not travel or wants  to designate someone else to check-in instead, you can contact customer care at the number to change the check-in.

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