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Get Complete Information About Asiana Airlines Delayed or Cancelled Flights Rights

Asiana Airlines not only provides world-class features and facilities but also offers passenger-friendly services that can make your travel more convenient. Also, the airline offers you service to claim compensation of up to 600 Euro under the rule of Asian Airlines flight delay compensation. So, here are some details that you should know before you claim delay compensation.

Policies Of Asiana Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

You will be eligible for compensation if:

  • The flight through which you are going arrives with a delay of 3 hours or more.
  • Your flight is departed from one of the EU airports.
  • You have arrived with an EU-registered airline at an EU airport.
  • Any extraordinary circumstances appear and your flight delay happens
  • The value of delay compensation varies from 250 Euro to 600 Euro depending on the length of the delay and the route distance.

When any Asiana Airlines flight gets delayed due to any reason, in such a situation, you must be thinking what to do? Well, to make ease for this situation, here are a few points to consider, you may go through them.

What Would You Do When You See Asiana Airlines Flight Delay?

  • The moment you see any flight disruption; you should ask the airline for the reason.
  • You need to get a confirmation in writing from the customer service of the airline.
  • You should keep the record of actual arrival time that is when the plane door was opened.
  • Also, you should collect all the additional evidence, for example, photos, receipts, boarding pass, and so on.
  • Additionally, you should check if your flight is eligible for compensation and fill in the flight details into the claim form.

Moving ahead, if you see Asiana Airlines cancellation due to delay, you have some rights that you should know. Go through the next section, to get all the information about passenger cancellation rights.

Know Some Important Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellations Rights

Just in case, if you have booked a flight on Asiana Airlines and the flight gets canceled without any prior notice of at least 14 days, in that case, you are free to claim flight cancellation compensation or can get a refund.

For this, you would have two options:

  • You can either request or apply for a flight ticket refund or
  • You will have an option to ask for an alternate flight or change of flight.

On the off chance, if the replaced flight or alternate flight also gets delayed exceeding the arrival time, you would be entitled to canceled flight compensation.

Also, the amount may vary from Euro 125 and Euro 600 depending on the given factors:

  • Route distance
  • Length of delay, and
  • Days you were informed before.

Asiana Airlines Customer Service

Besides, if you have more queries about Asiana Airlines flight delay compensation or want to know more about the cancellation on Asiana Airlines, you can contact the Asiana Airlines customer service team.

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