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Are you looking for details about changing a flight with AirTran Airways? If so, then you are in the right spot to collect the necessary information about the same. 

Get Help About How To Change Flight Ticket In AirTran Airways 

First of all, you should know AirTran Airways has ceased operation in 2014 as the result of its acquisition by Southwest Airlines. AirTran Airways has a provision for allowing the passengers to make a few eligible changes on a flight which they have booked with them in certain circumstances. To know more precisely about the AirTran Airways flight change policy and the right steps for applying it, kindly go through the details from below.

Procedure To Change Booking In AirTran Airways

  • Go to the official web page of AirTran Airways and look for manage booking option
  • Further access the Manage booking tab from the home page of AirTran Airways
  • Next you need to enter your Booking code in the assigned section
  • Then also enter the last name of primary passenger in the blank space for it
  • After that, you need to press the retrieve flights tab to view your booking with the airline
  • Then navigate to a single flight from the list that you want to change
  • Hereafter, choose the change flight option available along with the flight
  • Now, apply the eligible change in your flight that you require on eligibility basis
  • At last, pay the extra fee applicable for applying changes in your flight and save it

Know About AirTran Airways Flight Change Policy

  • According to the AirTran Airways flight change policy passengers are permitted to make a few eligible changes through online platform or by calling its reservation center
  • Flight change policy permits the passengers to change the time, or date of a booked flight
  • As per the change flight policy AirTran Airways also gives the standby option to the passengers for changing a flight
  • The flight change fee applicable by AirTran Airways to the passengers who modifies a booking is 75 US dollars each
  •  Same day flight change with AirTran Airways is also allowed at the airport based on the availability of seat on flight to which they are planning to change

AirTran Airways Customer Service

It is the right method for AirTran Airways change bookings whenever a passenger is looking forward to making modifications due to a sudden occurrence of certain events. Besides, you can directly connect with the customer care department of AirTran Airways in a condition you require any further assistance about it. Any new or existing customer a completely rely upon the information available through the customer care center of the airline.

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