How much is the Baggage Allowance for Air Arabia

Air Arabia is the leading airline because they provide the best services and facilities to its passengers who travel on its airlines. There are many queries that appear while you travel, and the main questions are How many kgs does Air Arabia allow you to carry on the flight? In this article, you will get all the information regarding the baggage on flights through which you need to read all the below-mentioned details briefly and clear the baggage issues that appear. 

Air Arabia Baggage Allowance 2023

Air Arabia delivers the preferred facilities to travelers so they can board the flight appropriately. When you book travel with them, you need to understand the baggage restrictions to carry suitable luggage on the plane. Air Arabia allows you to take the maximum luggage for your destination. You can read the given information to find the relevant details regarding the capacity and dimensions of the bags that are allowed on the travel. Here are the following Air Arabia Baggage allowance 2023 that assist you in carrying your bag without overloaded and restrictions, below are the following that you can follow:-

How much is the baggage allowance for Air Arabia

Air Arabia allows you to carry two bags on the flight journey to your destination. You can see the below points for the Air Arabia baggage policy to transport the bags free of cost.

Hand luggage:

  • Each passenger can carry one free handbag of weight up to 10 kg. 
  • The hand luggage of each passenger must be at most 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (22in x 16in x 8in) in total, which contains handles, wheels, and pockets. 
  • Infants traveling with air Arabia can carry one extra standard-sized bag with the items infants require on the flight journey.
  • If your hand luggage exceeds the stated dimensions and weight, it will be considered as checked luggage. 

Checked luggage:

Air Arabia offers you the facility to only pay for the bags that you need. Therefore, you can carry the bags of the following allowances with Air Arabia:

  • When you book your travel, you can select the number of kgs that are limited to the pieces of bags allowed.
  • Each passenger can carry up to two pieces of bags of weight, not more than 32 kg in total.
  • The dimensions of each bag must be 160 cm in width, length, and height. 
  • If your bags exceed general requirement, they will be considered oversized and overweight. 
  • Air Arabia baggage fees will calculate according to the number of bags and their excess weight. The average prices will vary between $30 to $200 depending on the destination. 

Piece of luggage to carry on check-in

There you will get all the answers to your queries related to how man pieces of luggage can I checked in Air Arabic. Below are the following that you need to follow to get all the information. 

If you are wondering about the origin, piece of baggage, and its starting charges, then below are the following that is mentioned:-

  • In UAE, if you are carrying 1 piece of baggage, then the weight will be 20kg and 30kg. Moreover, the charges will be AED 15. 
  • If you carry 2 pieces of baggage, then the weight will be 30kg to 40kg. And the starting charges are AED 20. 
  • In Egypt, you can carry 1 piece of baggage, and the weight will be 20kg to 30kg. The charge for 1 bag that is allowed will be EGP70. Moreover, if you carry 2 pieces, then the weight will be balanced from 30kg to 40kg. And the charges will be more than EGP100. 
  • In Morocco, there is only the weight of baggage, and its charges are mentioned; if you carry a 15 kg bag, then the charges will be EUR 25; for the 20kg bag, the charges are EUR 30; the 30kg bag that charges EUR 54, and the 40kg baggies that charge is EUR 79. 

The restricted item for both check & Hand Baggage:

Air Arabia always ensures the safety and hygiene of every passenger. Therefore they restrict some items you cannot board on the plane in your bags, as mentioned below:

  • Non-flammable and flammable poisonous gases like oxygen cylinders, butane, propane, etc., are not allowed.
  • Organic peroxides, oxidizing materials, and radioactive materials. 
  • Some poisonous substances like weed killers, cyanide, insecticides, etc.
  • You cannot take any viruses or bacteria that cause infection to the passengers.
  • They also do not allow cooking oils, striking matches, cigarettes, lighters, or alcohol. 
  • Corrosive items like acids, alkalis, mercury, and wet cell batteries are also banned. 
  • Fire alarms and explosives are also not permitted to carry in the bags. This includes handguns, munitions, ammunition, automatic weapons, etc.

What are the charges for Extra Baggage from Air Arabia?

Below are the following Air Arabia airline extra baggage charges that you need to know to pack your bag in a limited weight. If you carry the extra baggies with you, then you have to make the payment for your luggage, and the charges are mentioned below:-

  • By any chance, if you carry more than the limited weight of your baggage, then you can pre-book the needed weight before you check in, when you book the flight, or by using the manage booking option of the airline website. So that you can save up to 90% of the fees or you have to pay the last-minute bookings at the airport. 
  • If you want to buy the baggage allowance, then you are only allowed of 20 kg. And the additional weight is subject to excess baggage rates. 
  • You can dial the Air Arabia Customer Care Number (022-7100-4777) or sales office if you want to get the additional weight. 

Some Restrictions of items Avoid to carry:-

Here are some items that are not permitted to carry in your handbags and carry-on baggage; below are following mentioned:-

  • Poisonous gases, flammable solids, and liquids. 
  • Infectious substances like bacteria and viruses. 
  • Heater fuels, handguns, explosive items, and automatic weapons. 
  • Any sharp instruments like the knife, scissors, and army knives. 
  • Electronic devices which are not able to switch off. 

Restrictions Imposed on Liquids:

If you wish to carry any liquids in your bags, you need to understand some restrictions on the liquids. You can take the following quality drinks on your handbags with air Arabia:

  • All the liquids, gels, and pastes must be in separate containers of not more than 100 ml each.
  • The liquid containers must be carried in 1-liter plastic separate bags of maximum dimension 20x 20cm.
  • The items and bag must be completely sealed and fit comfortably under the seat to avoid any leakage. 
  • If you are transferring your flight to the middle east, the bags must be packed in the secure tamper evident (STEB). 

The liquids, pastes, and gels transported in your bags will be checked appropriately at the security screening at the airport. If the liquids do not meet the above requirements, you must dispose of them at the appropriate airport security stations.

Hope that all the information that is mentioned above regarding the Air Arabic baggage allowance will be helpful and advantageous for you to get all the required information. There are many details related to baggage that you have to follow while traveling on the flight and follow them. If you want to get more information, then check out our other articles and resolve all the queries. 

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