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Get details about cancellation and refund policy of Aegean airlines

Aegean Airlines is a well-known and flag carrier airline of Greece which facilitates its passengers with all the world-class services for a comfortable journey. For the convenience of passengers, the airline not only provides the option of easy booking but cancellation can also be processed easily. After canceling the ticket, the passenger can claim refund following the Aegean airlines refund policy.

About Aegean Airlines Cancellation and Refund policy

Sometimes when a travel plan changes, the passenger needs to amend the booking. If the passenger has booked a flight with Aegean airlines, then modification can be easily done. The conditions of cancellation vary according to the fare class and category chosen by the passenger. The rules of Aegean airlines cancellation policy are applicable to each route and are as follows:

  • The passenger might have to pay a certain amount as cancellation charges. 
  • If the passenger cancels a refundable ticket, they need to pay a refund charge for both domestic and international flights.
  • If a passenger does not show up for the flight, then certain charges are involved and the tickets get cancelled for all the flights.
  • A passenger is allowed to cancel the flight before departure without paying any fees.
  • In case of cancellation, the passenger can claim refund for the unused part of the ticket. But for all the categories, the passengers have to pay the service fee for ticket refund. 

How To Cancel A Booking In Aegean airlines?

If a passenger wants to cancel the booking, they can follow the steps of cancellation and Aegean airlines cancellation policy, which is as follows:

  • Go to the official website of Aegean airlines.
  • On the homepage, click My Booking under Plan in the main menu.
  • Enter the booking reference code and last name of the passenger in the given text fields and click Continue.
  • With correct details, the passenger will be allowed to access the itinerary.
  • Once accessed, the passenger can click the cancel option for cancelling the booking.
  • The cancellation is processed once the passenger confirms cancellation and it cannot be reversed.
  • The passenger will receive the notification about the cancellation of booking.

Aegean Airlines Customer Service

To know more about Aegean airlines refund policy, the passengers can contact the reservations center. The representatives of the airline will provide complete details and assistance for all the queries and issues. The passengers can contact the support team by dialing the phone number or writing an email. The contact details are provided on the official website of Aegean airlines.

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